TrioMetrik is BEAM’s in house ensemble. Three musicians and their instruments are joined by MAPPS, an advanced music program and interface system that has evolved from the audio explorations and advancements of today’s leading experts. This system receives, interprets and operates on the sounds, notes, gestures and intentions of the musicians. A formalized personal display system provides notation, directions and feedback that guide the musicians through the score representing the composition while reacting to their individual performances. This sophisticated level of integration of live instruments, captured audio, synthesis, video and sound processing enables a form of interactive music that is engaging, immediate, inviting, and never before possible. Successful performances by TrioMetrik in 2004 excited listeners and illustrated the concepts and tool sets that are at the heart of NuRoque.

Founder/Director/Musician: Keith McMillen
Musicians:  Ashley Adams, Marielle Jakobsons

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TrioMetrik is a modern composer's dream come true, an ensemble for live performance that combines composition and improvisation at a core level. It is a group that integrates both approaches and amplifies the strengths of each.
Paul Dresher
Composer and Musician