October 9, 2008
San Francisco, CA

Statement of Program Services and Accomplishments

BEAM's mission is to educate the public about new methods and technologies it has developed for advancing musical styles and notation. Tools and techniques pioneered by BEAM will appear as a logical extension to the techniques in use by today's composers and performers, in order to build on the wisdom and virtuosity already in place.

FY 2007 saw great advancement in BEAM's goal of bringing knowledge of its activities to major universities and organizations in the US and the international community.

Lectures and presentations made by BEAM personnel during FY 2007 include:

Stanford University, Palo Alto CA.
University of California, Berkeley CA
University of California, San Diego CA
University of Illinois, Urbana IL
School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL
Berklee School of Music, Boston, MA
NorthEastern University, Boston, MA

Six of these schools have initiated programs to help advance and disseminate BEAM's methods that will result in greater involvement in FY2008.

BEAM's founder was keynote speaker for the 12th annual Audio BBQ held in Austin Texas. This is an invitation only weekend workshop limited to fifty major computer and audio companies. These companies (such as Intel, Dolby, Microsoft, etc) send representatives to learn of the latest advancements in audio and music.

Additionally BEAM submitted two papers for publication in academic journals. Both were accepted and were presented and published in proceedings of:

International Computer Music Conference - ICMC
New Instruments for Musical Applications - NIME

These papers have generated numerous invitations for additional activities with international universities:

Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Barcelona, Spain
Norwegian Academy of Music - Oslo, Norway
Aalborg University - Aalborg, Denmark
University of Leeds - Leeds, England
Ircam - Paris France
Queens University - Belfast, Ireland