Dec 2, 2006
Seattle, WA

TrioMetrik featured at Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival

TrioMetrik performed four works to kick off the Friday evening concert at the Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival (BEAF), north of Seattle, WA.

TrioMetrik presented a live interactive performance controlling a sophisticated array of timbral devices and responsive live video. Using violin, upright bass and guitar, all built by Keith McMillen, TrioMetrik's founder, the group was able to create a live ensemble performance moderated by a computer network. TrioMetrik was the only group in the four-day new music festival to perform live music and video. This new style of live interactive networked performance is called NuRoque based on the reinvention of new instruments and style that characterized the Baroque period from 400 years ago.

Professor Bruce Hamilton, director of the Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival said, "TrioMetrik is taking the relationship between composition, performance, improvisation, and technology to a new level. Their excellent performance at BEAF 2006 opened a lot of eyes and ears, and I look forward to more NuRoque-ing experiences as TrioMetrik forges their aesthetic future."