Nov 9, 2006
San Francisco, CA

TrioMetrik plays Recombinant Media Labs during AES

The annual Audio Engineering Society convention was held in San Francisco this week bringing audio experts, musicians, producers and manufacturers together for a week of vibrant interchange and exhibition. Kicking off opening day was a performance by TrioMetrik at Recombinant Media Labs (RML) in San Francisco.

Recombinant Media Labs is a state of the Art performance venue featuring a 16-channel speaker system and 10 screens and projectors providing an immersive environment for performers and audiences. Naut Human, director of RML said, "TrioMetrik represents the cutting edge of live networked audio and video. We look forward to more shows with them."

Appearing with TrioMetrik for his first public show in years was synthesizer pioneer Donald Buchla. Don created the first voltage controlled synthesizer and played with the trio using his latest creation the Buchla 200e.

Jaron Lanier, creator of Virtual Reality, who also performed with the trio, declared "TrioMetrik and NuRoque is the start of a new musical culture. The importance of this development cannot be overstated. Music isn't made of gadgets, but of people working together and creating a persistent community."