Comments about TrioMetrik

I think TrioMetrik has the potential to make some significant advances in how we think of and appreciate music. Not only has Keith developed a marvelous technological tool for enabling new musical ideas, but the TrioMetrik players possess a unique combination of talent and eager minds capable of implementing those new ideas. TrioMetrik has my attention.
- Roger Linn
Musician & Instrument Designer

TrioMetrik is a modern composer's dream come true, an ensemble for live performance that combines composition and improvisation at a core level.  It is a group that integrates both approaches and amplifies the strengths of each.
- Paul Dresher
Composer and Musician

TrioMetrik's MACIAS system is a tremendously flexible composer's and performer's toolkit. I look forward to seeing composers find ways to adapt the system to their individual styles and formal obsessions. Orson Welles once said, that a movie studio was "... the biggest electric train set a boy ever had". I think TrioMetrik just may be the modern composer's electric train set.
- Jay Cloidt

TrioMetrik is capable of a wide assortment of aesthetics and sound  worlds.  Also, the Trio can transition through these changes with a  smoothness unexpected of realtime digital audio instrumentalists.
- Eric Roth
Composer - Mills College

Composition is music as design.  Think of it as the X axis. Improvisation is music as conversation. Think of it as the Y axis. TrioMetrik is on the Z axis.
- John Lazzaro
Computer Scientist - UC Berkeley

TrioMetrik enables each performer to participate in a composition from the perspective of the conductor, giving fresh meaning to the very ideas of composing, conducting, and improvising. The result is music that leads the listener into deeper collaborations of sound, rhythm, harmony, and feeling.
- Professor Frederick M. Dolan
UC Berkeley

I have been a close observer of Keith McMillen's musical journey over the past 25 years. Early in that period, Keith had a vision for what music could be and how musicians could be freed to create without limitations. Keith has steadily marched towards achieving that vision and TrioMetrik is a major step forward in that trek. The concert in June was fun, moving, and exciting. The musicianship was outstanding and the audience could clearly see the rich interaction between the performers. I will definitely want to see the next TrioMetrik performance when they come to town again!
- Steve Sherman
CEO - Berrilian, Inc

It was fascinating to attend the concert. I'm pleased to see TrioMetrik pushing the creative envelope ever outward, especially since I've been around to see these concepts mature. Making truly new music is hard work, but someone has to do it. Further!
- Ted Nirgiotis
Professor of Mathematics, DVC