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Keith A. McMillen - Director
email: keith(at)beamfoundation(dot)org
phone: 510.502.5310

Barry Threw - Technical Manager
email: barry(at)beamfoundation(dot)org
phone: 857.544.3967

I have been a close observer of Keith McMillen's musical journey over the past 25 years. Early in that period, Keith had a vision for what music could be and how musicians could be freed to create without limitations. Keith has steadily marched towards achieving that vision and TrioMetrik is a major step forward in that trek. The concert in June was fun, moving, and exciting. The musicianship was outstanding and the audience could clearly see the rich interaction between the performers. I will definitely want to see the next TrioMetrik performance when they come to town again!"
- Steve Sherman
CEO – Berrilian, Inc.