“The Future of New Music”
- Max Mathews

BEAM™s mission is to spark a new Western classical music movement, based on the technologies and aesthetics of the 21st century. New tools and techniques pioneered by BEAM will appear as a logical extension to the techniques in use by today's composers and performers, in order to build on the wisdom and virtuosity already in place.

Keith McMillen Instruments Technology Premiere

Using enhanced instruments coupled through an intelligent computer network, we create new music that is reactive, introspective, and fluid; resulting in suprising complexity and intimacy.

Keith McMillen's new for profit venture, Keith McMillen Instruments, funds BEAM Foundation from its flagship products, the K-Bow and StringPort.

Hear what leading music technologists are saying about BEAM Foundation:

Dr. Richard Boulanger

Tom Oberheim

Jaron Lanier

[The MAPPS system] is more than very impressive, since it can 'compose' practically anything you can think of, including things you may never have thought to think ...
- Alvin Curran

Forty years ago I had a dream where musicians using advanced instruments played together while connected to a central computer which integrated and guided their performance. With the work of Keith McMillen and TrioMetrik, this dream is now a reality. There is nothing else like this in the world. TrioMetrik changes everything.
- Max Mathews
Father of Computer Music

TrioMetrik and NuRoque is the start of a new musical culture. The importance of this development cannot be overstated. Music isn't made of gadgets, but of people working together and creating a persistent community.
- Jaron Lanier
Musician & Virtual Reality Pioneer

NuRoque is at the forefront of music and technology. Unlike many other cutting edge endeavors, they are guided by their sense of art rather than by the tools involved.
- Will Wright
Creator of The Sims & Spore

TrioMetrik is taking the relationship between composition, performance, improvisation, and technology to a new level. Their excellent performance at BEAF 2006 opened a lot of eyes and ears, and I look forward to more NuRoque-ing experiences as TrioMetrik forges their aesthetic future.
- Bruce Hamilton
Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival
Western Washington University